COURSES (Selected)


Winter 2014-2015

Phil 11 Syllabus (Introduction to Philosophy)

Cowell 39 Syllabus (Brain, Mind, and Consciousness)

Fall 2014-2015
Syllabus for Phil 11 (Introduction to Philosophy) 

Syllabus for Phil 112 (Pragmatism: American Philosophy)

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Ayer, A.J. 1971 (1936). Language, Truth, and Logic. London: Penguin; Chapter 2 “The Function of Philosophy,” pp. 30-47.

O’Neill, Onora. 1987a. “Abstraction, Idealization, and Ideology in Ethics.” In Moral Philosophy and Contemporary problems, edited by J. D. G. Evans. 55-69. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Winter 2014
Syllabus for Phil 290 (Graduate Seminar in "Philosophy of Biology")

Syllabus for Phil 153 ("Philosophy of Race")

Fall 2013-2014
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Phil 180R 
Kuhn The Structure of Scientific Revolutions  

• Senior Seminar: "CLASSIFYING PERSONS: Philosophy, Politics, and Possibilities/Problems" 
(Phil 190F)

Fanon Black Skin, White Masks 

de Beauvoir The Second Sex

Gould The Mismeasure of Man

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Fall 2012-2013
Phil 80, LALS 80

Phil 235, Philosophy of Psychology 
(Graduate Seminar)

Spring 2012
Phil 11, Introduction to Philosophy. 
Course Description and Required Books

Phil 125, Philosophy of Science. "The Structure of Scientific Theories: Darwinism and its Impact". 
Course Description and Required Books  

Cover of Course Packet

Phil 180R, Readings in Foucault, Marx, and Nietzsche. 
Course Description and Required Books

Books (Phil 11, 125, 180R) and Course Packet (Phil 125) can be purchased at The Literary Guillotine, Santa Cruz 

Other Quarters 
Race, Sex, and Intelligence: Real or Constructed or Both? (UCSC, Winter 2012)

American Pragmatism (UCSC, 2011)

Latin American Philosophy (UCSC, 2008; first time course was taught at UCSC)

Philosophy of Science: Laws of Nature (UCSC, 2008)

American Pragmatism on Truth and Justification (UCSC, 2008)

Philosophy of Science: Scientific Realism in the 20th Century (UCSC, 2008)

Philosophy of Biology: Biotechnology, Climate Change and Consciousness (UCSC, 2008)


Philosophy of Biology (in Spanish): Adaptacionismo, esencialismo y reduccionismo en la filosofía de la biología: una revisión crítica (UNAM, 2006)

Philosophy of Science of Models (UNAM, 2004)
Kandinsky, 1923,Composition VIII