October 19-23
Konrad Adenauer Foundation Conference, Villa la Collina, Lago di Como, Italy 

November 21-25
Roundtable on Race
Société Française d’Écologie et d’Évolution Conference, Metz, France

"Is Race Real?
Lewontin (1972), 50 years later"
@ University of Copenhagen
April 29, 2022 @ 14:15 hrs
Details / Recording of Lecture

July 29-31, 2019
"James Lovelock as a Map Thinker", Poster, James Lovelock Centenary Conference, Exeter, UK. 


"One of the greatest potentials the ocean has for mankind has little to do with oil or diamonds, pharmaceuticals, or even food. It is the opportunity to contemplate, enjoy, and explore this new realm."
Jacques Cousteau - The Ocean World
A philosopher of science, researcher, writer, educator, diver, explorer, and seeker, Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther has a PhD in philosophy of science, and three masters' degrees, including one in ecology and evolutionary biology. Currently Professor of Humanities at University of California, Santa Cuz, and Affiliate Professor of Transformative Science at the GLOBE Institute at University of Copenhagen, he has worked in USA, Mexico, and Denmark. 


A Philosophical Perspective on Human Evolutionary Genomics 

(Cambridge University Press, 2022)

Remapping Race in a Global Context

(Routledge, 2022; co-edited with Ludovica Lorusso)

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