"Why does philosophy of science matter to professional biologists?"
"Resilience in Practice" Conference, Association of Professional Biology, British Columbia, Canada

November 14, 2017
Complexity Symposium
Stanford University

February 11, 2017
Tools of Reason: 
The Practice of Scientific Diagramming from Antiquity to the Present
Closing Comments

"Do Maps Dream Space?" 
September 12, 2016 @ 10.00 hrs.
School of Architecture and Design; Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts; bygn. 68, rum C.426

"When Maps Become the World"
April 21, 4:30 pm, History Bldg rm 307,
Program in History and Philosophy of Science,
Stanford University

November 18-19​
University of Kassel, 

"Diagrams ≠ Pictures ≠ Maps"
Conference on 
Scientific Diagrams
November 24​-25
National Tsing Hua University, 
Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Aarhus University 
May 27, 3.20-4:35 pm
Keynote for MA Student Conference
Bldg. 1455, rm. 127
(When Maps Become the World
poster ; abstracts)

June 2 
("We are All Africans"; Science&Cocktails   
(Video here)

"The Stanford School of Philosophy of Science" Conference
Stanford, CA


"One of the greatest potentials the ocean has for mankind has little to do with oil or diamonds, pharmaceuticals, or even food.  It is the opportunity to contemplate, enjoy, and explore this new realm."
Jacques Cousteau - The Ocean World
Rasmus Grønfeldt Winther is a philosopher of science, researcher, writer, educator, diver, seeker, and explorer. He has a PhD in philosophy of science, and several masters' degrees, including in philosophy and evolutionary biology. He has taught university in Denmark, USA, and Mexico.

As a successful Routledge series editor, and Cambridge University Press and University of Chicago Press author, he is happy to coach you with your new book. You can do it!

As a resourceful, even encyclopedic, connoisseur and scholar of a broad variety of sciences, he is happy to discuss with you your burning projects on evolution, genetics, cosmology, thermodynamics, geology, psychology, geography, cartography, and mathematics. 

As a knowledgeable and insightful critic of contemporary capitalism, with an eye towards social equality and environmentalism, he is happy to brainstorm with you your plans for environmental projects and for green urban design.

As an engaging and inspiring public speaker, he is happy to hold public and pedagogical lectures for you: in English; på dansk; en español.

Or... if you need an article, review, etc. about any of the above topics, let him know!

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Author's Note from WHEN MAPS BECOME THE WORLD (University of Chicago Press, 2020) 
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